Glass Splashbacks Melbourne

The variety of applications and durability of a glass splashback has made this product an extremely popular alternative to tiles.

A glass splashback can be used behind a stovetop, as a shower wall, as a feature wall, as a bench top or almost anywhere to give your home a fresh modern look.

All our splashbacks are made to the Australian Standard using 6mm clear toughened glass (greenish tinge) or 6mm Starphire toughened glass (ultra clear). We recommend using starphire glass to get the true colour you are looking for.

We custom measure, including making allowances for cut-outs, power points and out of square areas.


Sick of looking at those dull and tired tiles? Having trouble cleaning all the grout in your tiles? Are you looking for an alternative modern way to style and decorate your kitchen or bathroom? Foley Glass has the answer… splashbacks. Glass splashbacks have become the ultimate choice of design in many residential and commercial areas. People no longer look towards tiles, as glass splashbacks are more in their budget and require low maintenance.

Foley Glass installs glass splashbacks in Melbourne as a superior alternative innovative style to tiles. No more dull looking bathrooms, kitchen or laundries, as these splashbacks are the ultimate style to make these areas stylish and functional. Available in various colours, you can colour co-ordinate them with your kitchen table top and counter, giving your kitchen a unique colour theme.

Foley Glass offers a wide collection of splashbacks throughout Melbourne that you can select from. Since splashbacks are easily maintained, they are an ideal choice for shower walls, laundry room and kitchen. As all our designs are custom made, the splashbacks will suit any particular space of your requirement.

For affordable Glass Splashbacks in Brighton, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Malvern, Mount Waverley, Brighton, Moorabbin, Cheltenham and other suburbs in Melbourne

Their durability and colourful appearance gives them a reflective nature creating a feel of depth, space, and light in the kitchen or any other area.

Why choose Foley Glass for splashbacks in Melbourne? A long with having a unique appearance than tiles, splashbacks are available in various colours and an endless range of styles.

Other benefits include:

  • Flexible: Suitable for bathroom, kitchens and other wet areas in home or office
  • Practical: Surfaces are easy to clean, as there will be no grout
  • Exact: Glass is measured and crafted to exact sizes so fitting is easy
  • Durable: Glass is hardwearing and tough

Select your desired look from our photo gallery and provide us with your own colour scheme. We will custom measure your splashback allowing for sloping walls, light switches, wall sockets and other fixtures. Delivering quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and innovative glass splashbacks are our top three priorities.

We install glass splashbacks throughout Melbourne in Hawthorn, Brighton, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Malvern, Balwyn, Burwood, Kew, Richmond, Toorak and Mount Waverly just to name a few areas. Contact our experienced team at Foley Glass today at 0404 53 9997 and discuss your ideas with our experts.

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